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Our dogs




She is our first white female. She came from Korea. Santa has joyful and provocative character. She looks like a spry sunlight spot. Santa has a snow-white coat, perfect pigmentation and nice exterior.



This long-expected girl came from Russia. You can see champion parents, born in well-known kennel "Criscendo" , in her Pedigree. Our daddy is Criscendo Call Waiting, the Champion of America, Canada, Europe-2011 and Russia. Boni is a cute small fluffy cloudlet, full of energy and very sweet baby. With perfect appearance, nice thick coat, Teddy Bear type and perfect in motion.



Pride Of Little Elf Assia Gold (Асенька)

Asya is a sunny ball of our kennel. Smiling girl with perfect skeleton, wonderful coat and good in motion. She is a small copy of her daddy Starlight Say Something. She debuted excellently on her first Dog Shows and we hope that she will please us with her further victories.



Thai Silk Eastern Orchid (Челси)

Our Chelsea came from Russia. She is full of life. Her parents came from Tailand. Her father became Junior Champion of Russia, Puerto Riko, Junior Champion of San Juan, Carribian Islands, Junior Champion of Latin America, Hungary. Chelsey has excellent movement, proper shape and perfect fur. We hope, our Chelsey will please us with good results on Dog Shows.




Pride of Pom Grand Prix

Grand- our fascinating boy. He was born in our kennel
. He is energetic and full of fun. Grand has perfect appearance and thick coat with elegant motions. He has a big show potential.



Fany of Paradise House (Fany)

Fany, came to us from Korea. She's hilarious and mischievous character. She has a gorgeous coat, the correct figure. I hope that Fanny will delight us in the future, show results.




Pride of Pom Challenger



Jasmine Ice of Bani Bean (Jasmine)

Jasmine, be imported from Korea, blood kennel Chiao Li Ya.
It has a playful character. At Jasmine has the correct, compact body,
a thick coat and excellent pigment.

      Pride of Pom Darling Incredible Star

This girl was born in our kennel. She has a beautiful head, thick coat right structure. Very funny and playful nature



Pride of Pom Delice Sweet Dream

She was born in our kennel. It is very compact dog with a beautiful coat, she has free mooviment. She showed high results at dog show west-Europe.

Aestthetics Regal Resolution

This male imports from Russia. He has a beautiful head, short body, sweet face. Excellent character.


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