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Pride Of Pom


Pomeranian differs from German Spitz externally. Whatever the differences between these little dogs, the main thing is the correct appearance, provocative character and excellent coat of these lovely dogs.

Pomeranian Spitz looks like a tiny golden ball of fluff on small legs. It is a dog which smiles. This breed is for people who love to go for a walk in any weather. The dog is a perfect companion, very smart and with the good sense of his own dignity. The dog is very devoted to owner, loving children, very sociable and undemanding in care.
They are really good at learning new tricks and they never miss anything. It is impossible to carry something pass them invisibly. They react immediately on strangers. But mostly, these dogs are mild-tempered. They look cute and lovely, but you will find the dog with firm character which is hidden under the fluffy coat.


  The breed is distinguished by tenacity. You can hardly believe that this dog has a tiger heart under his fluffy coat.

Pomeranian are very self-confident, but a very sensitive ones. They are easy in trainings and fast learners.


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